"if it`s going to happen it`s going to happen in Vegas™"



Our goal is simple, grow with the city of Las Vegas and make the community a better place to live and visit. Giving back to the Las Vegas community is our main goal, no matter the challenge. With our local partnerships, investments and vision, we believe in the future of Las Vegas.


We at Vegas Options have always kept it`s business options open. A diversified company with many revenue streams. Vegas Options is open to listening to any potential investment opportunities.


Under standing our position in each venture is important, Vegas Options applies expertise, experience and knowledge to each of our ventures. Supersede your own expectations and the expectations of others, then you will know you have succeeded.




The partners of Vegas Options llc have been in the Las Vegas business community for a combined 40+ years.

Our experience includes:

  • Las Vegas real estate
  • hotel and casino industry
  • entertainment promotions & marketing
  • online gambling
  • domain investment properties
  • sports marketing & memorabilia
  • entertainment & sports personality representation
  • apparel print and manufacturing

Vegas Options